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Slovenská informačná a marketingová spoločnosť, a.s.

SIMS, a.s. is a company with purely Slovak capital and also the largest intelligence agency focusing on specialized intelligence service oriented on the business environment in the Slovak Republic. Since 1992, it has been a dominant player in the enterprise and corporate intelligence market. It adapts its development and innovations to the needs of its customers mainly from the domestic market. With many years of experience and specialized intelligence service it helps its clients to minimize business losses in business relationships and when establishing new business partnerships. Over the years, business intelligence and analytical products of SIMS have become a key part of its clients' risk and acquisition methodology. The mission and philosophy of the company is to assist business organizations in preparing and making decisions through meaningful and reliable economic intelligence and marketing information to make them more efficient and successful. SIMS services provide professional support whether for small businesses, large corporations, or budgetary institutions.

Daily use of the most up-to-date, accurate and high-quality intelligence products based on professionally processed data can efficiently reduce your financial risk, increase your revenue, or make resources available from EU grants. Thousands of users of the SIMS specialized intelligence service are satisfied with the intelligence and information SIMS provides them for practical everyday working process. Users include many large financial institutions, banks, leasing and factoring companies, government organizations and agencies, as well as businesses that have recognized the necessity and usefulness of the information services provided by SIMS. We constantly strive to meet the needs of our clients with our high quality services and long-term, mutually beneficial relationships based on trust. We operate in strict accordance with national and international legal and regulatory rules, in particular with regard to compliance with data protection rules.

Welcome to the world of information
Our data will help you direct your business to where you want, as far as you want.
Corporate symbolism
the basis of corporate culture

Description of SIMS coat of arms registered at the Ministry of Interior of the Slovak Republic - HR W-85/2006 - A black bar in a silver shield slanted to the right crossed with 4 silver roundels. Behind the shield are 3 gold bars of harmony. Heraldic carriers are 2 red eagles with wings spread looking back in gold armour. Above the shield in an arch is the text NEMO SOLUS SATIS SAPIT, below the shield in a silver ribbon is the text SLOVENSKÁ INFORMAČNÁ a MARKETINGOVÁ SPOLOČNOSŤ.”


SIMS emblem is formed as a seal version of the coat of arms used in communication with business partners in cases where it is necessary to significantly differentiate in the market with emphasis on business-intelligence activities of SIMS.


It is used in classic commercial communication with business partners. SIMS thus demonstrates its position and emphasis on tradition but not on conservatism.

how we do it
Our task is to provide the client with inimitable uniqueness.
We require discipline and expertise from every associate that works for our client.
We treat each client and every task with humility and respect.
ISO/IEC 27001:2013

Slovenská informačná a marketingová spoločnosť, a. s. adopted by its decision on 1 February 2017 the Information Security Policy document, which contains the objectives, framework, and importance of information security processes.

Slovenská informačná a marketingová spoločnosť, a. s. is a holder of the Information Security Management System certificate according to the standard ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

SIMS has been servicing their clients for 30 years


SIMS manages to maintain a stable position on the market despite the unfavourable situation caused by the global pandemic COVID-19. With its activities it does its best to support the Slovak market and positively influence the recovery trend. SIMS showed dozens of new partners how to effectively manage their business relationships.


SIMS establishes cooperation with a globally renowned rating agency (one of The Big Three) and thus re-enriches its intelligence coverage with new products with a global reach. It starts selling its products in a completely new way and thus addresses the VIP segment of the professional business community. It prepares a new series of intelligence products for retail.


SIMS is improving its intelligence products. It creates new tools and solutions for clients, which enable them to make more qualified business decisions and invest in a more secure way. It helps clients more intensively in risk management, as well as in gaining a deeper insight into debt and fixed income markets. We also added new info-sources in our tools which thus offers more comprehensive information on the micro as well as macroeconomic environment.


SIMS witnesses a year-over-year growth again, despite the fact that its economic results were negatively affected by the merger with NISSR, a.s. and CRKI, s.r.o. The company begins the migration of its clients from Global Slovakia to the SiMS platform. The portfolio of new products undergoes a digital transformation and offers portal sales.


SIMS reports a year-over-year growth. Gradually SIMS launches new analytical products. It continues to focus its activities on marketing and economic intelligence. It begins with the reconstruction and expansion of its premises. It operates on 1,000 m2 and hires new analysts and correspondents.


SIMS completes the development of a new intelligence product and prepares for its deployment on the market. We also create our own editorial office for the purpose of publishing the quarterly “FOKUS – the foresight and economy”.


With constant growth SIMS once again strengthens its market position. In cooperation with NISSR, a.s. SIMS evaluates Slovak creditworthy companies and major exporters in the Slovak Republic, and provides these companies with the final evaluation protocols. Furthermore, it opens a project to prepare a new intelligence product of strategic importance for both SIMS and SIMS clients, which has no parallel in the global credit information market.


SIMS starts utilizing latest hardware and software Microsoft Windows Server platform, and is fundamentally innovating the GLOBAL SLOVAKIA product. SIMS also develops new follow-up credit and analytical products. It significantly strengthens its market position and opens negotiations with a foreign partner in order to create a joint venture for a new product and a retail segment.


Since its establishment, SIMS undergoes the most complex transformation, a fundamental reconstruction in work organization, internal management, technological processes, and business strategies, and aligns them with new market conditions.


By default, SIMS makes data available to its clients via different interfaces including the web interface. It gains new clients from the corporate and SME segments. Compared to 2010, it shows an increase in sales and market share by 60 %. On the website of the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic SIMS launches and operates the Industry Entities Register of the Slovak Republic.


SIMS increases its market share by 26%, as well as the year-over-year increase in sales, and starts to provide services for corporate clients. The new specialized product serves 44 % of municipalities. It develops a programme for the recovery of NISSR which starts to make a profit for the first time since its establishment.


SIMS has seen the most significant growth since its start – by 70% on a year-over-year basis. It acquires a 100 % stake in the National Information Centre of the Slovak Republic, a.s. (hereafter as NISSR, a. s.), and during the following period they implement the process of NISSR´s recovery.


With its specialized intelligence service SIMS ranks among the most important local players. It becomes a leader in the field of business information processing in the Micro and SME segment, and at the same time is one of the major intelligence agencies in the Central European region.


SIMS launches a new and comprehensive intelligence product focused on risk coverage and acquisition activities - a specialized intelligence service "GLOBAL SLOVAKIA". SIMS strengthens its position in the financial, banking, and public administration sectors. It is the first commercial company to receive the coat of arms from the Ministry of the Interior of the Slovak Republic as the official emblem of the company.


SIMS develops a new type of cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic, SARIO, and Eximbank, and prepares the first year of a newly developed product SLOVAK EXPORT REGISTER which promotes Slovak exporters and their activities abroad, as well as provides information support for commercial chambers of Slovak embassies abroad.


SIMS makes a specialized online news service available to its clients, and launches a standard product - analyses of 22 industries, which is updated on a monthly basis.


SIMS launches the novelty SIMS Investment Rating; the company further strengthens the portfolio of intelligence customers, exclusively from the domestic business environment. It cooperates with the Advisory Centre for Slovak Enterprises and Banks, and participates in the restructuring of several important Slovak companies.


On the banking market SIMS launches a new specialized intelligence service in a digital form. It closes its activities in the field of publishing and focuses only on the development of electronic communication with clients.


SIMS prepares and markets the SIMS Business Rating which it applies in the banking and financial sector. The company receives a mandate from the UNIDO-INTIB National Centre.


Based on the authorization of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic the company is involved and significantly cooperates with UNIDO and UNDP. It develops deeper cooperation with the Ministry of Economy of the Slovak Republic and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Slovak Republic, and organizes the first Slovak mission of entrepreneurs to the UNIDO centre in Vienna with acceptance at the highest level.


Establishment of the company