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Choosing the right target audience is crucial to the success of your advertising or direct marketing campaigns.

We provide complete analysis coverage of 22 sectors from the Slovak market. Find out how and where your business risks are concentrated the most. Discover the potential for business and investment opportunities. Get in-depth quarterly sector reports with detailed analysis based on our macroeconomic and sector-specific forecasts.

The register is a collection of all the official documents of companies published in electronic form.

Each professional product or service system is a product of innovations, which are tailored to the needs of a particular user. Whether it is a credit rating system or a scoring model for a large company, our company has extensive experience in developing systems that meet specific needs in the long term and with flexibility.

Our experts in the field of intelligence services have proven results in development monitoring, identifying trends, and uncovering the latest business strategies in global markets. We analyse threats and opportunities in individual sectors and provide sophisticated information on competitiveness that will help you in your growth.

Relationship map is an interactive graphical analysis tool that is able to fully explore the networks of business, property, and personal relationships even in the most complex companies in a few seconds.

We provide analytical intelligence - company profiles for strategic decision-making and an overview of finances for key players in each sector. We analyse business threats and opportunities, and provide thorough and systematic competitive information that will help you make the right business and investment decisions.

Financial documentation contains aggregated data about a business entity and financial statements in an electronic structured form with annexes.

The marketing module is a good foundation for those looking for new customers or suppliers, who want to follow a comprehensive set of criteria.

A contact module, which simplifies viewing of contact, economic, and legal data of your potential customers and suppliers.

Our industry-specific and country-specific reports, covering more than 20 major industries and monitoring 200 world markets, will provide you with an in-depth analysis of the markets of your choice. Identify and evaluate the „ease of doing business“ ranking in high-risk markets. Once you start to operate there, our dataset will help to avoid risks every day. Our company profiles, SWOT analyses, thematic reports, industry partner analyses, current news, and research are all at your disposal. Our intelligence combines all relevant industrial, economic, and political information to provide you with a complete overview. You can evaluate, track and quantify market size and position, growth opportunities, and risks on 200 markets from a single source.

The easy-to-understand system for non-economists combines a complete database of materials for business intelligence with industry model calculations. The service thus provides an easy-to-use and fast solution to minimize business risk.

Benchmark report allows you to compare your own performance or performance of your partner company or their trends with any reference group. This service can be useful when setting financial goals for your business, or when making business plans and measuring them, but it can also be very useful when analysing competition and for a quick partner screening.

Focus monitor is a unified, modern and full-featured platform for monitoring and investigating bankruptcy disputes. Stay informed about important updates in all of your monitored cases - in all jurisdictions - using our notifications sent to your mobile device with a quick and direct delivery. Search millions of documents and submissions using a single search, and find published documents quickly. Our advanced full-text search returns accurate results based on your keywords and filters.

There are many indications that a business organization or a sole owner is moving in the wrong direction. If we learn about them in time, we can respond and prepare to prevent or remedy the consequences. By daily use of the automatic partner tracking service, our clients can monitor the activity of their partners or even their competitors. Companies designated by users are constantly monitored, and we will notify you in the event of change of their activities that may affect business relationships.

The purpose of creating a unified system of online debt registration and company verification service is to increase the financial security of users, reduce the amount of circulating debts accumulated in the economy, stop debt growth and filter out market participants who are or are not insolvent.

We offer global and regional reports on country risks and financial markets, industrial research, business information and data, and forecasts.

Thanks to our international intelligence service, we provide information about companies registered in different countries around the world, which helps clients to map the financial situation of their business partners and analyse potential risks.